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Welcome to Stampy's Wiki, the editor's hub for open effort to build a comprehensive FAQ about artificial intelligence existential safety—the field trying to make sure that when we build superintelligent artificial systems they are aligned with human values so that they do things compatible with our survival and flourishing.

We're also building a cleaner web UI for readers and a bot interface. Feel free to get involved as an early contributor!

These are unanswered questions which we've reviewed and decided are within Stampy's scope. Feel free to answer them if you want to help out. Your answers will be reviewed, stamped, and possibly improved by others so don't worry about them not being perfect :)
Many of the below answers already have a bulletpoint sketch by Rob over on this Google Doc, you are encouraged to turn those into full answers!

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Details on how to use each feature are on the individual pages.

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  • Stampy's Public Discord - Ask there for an invite to the real one, until OpenAI approves our chatbot for a public Discord
  • Wiki stats - Graphs over time of active users, edits, pages, response time, etc
  • Google Drive - Folder with Stampy-related documents

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